Remember when you first opened your eyes to view this world,

And a woman whom you today know as your mother was smiling at you,

And kissed on your forehead with a promise to protect you.

That is love.

Remember the day you stumbled while you first took your step,

And a man called ‘Dad’ gave his hand to balance you.

And worked endlessly day and night,

To fulfil your all wishes and earn your precious smile,

In spite of those hectic files.

That is love.

Remember the day when you were in a big trouble,

And a guy came in to save you and take you away from that problem.

Though you sometimes find him irritating and lame

But he will be the one with you when life gives you lemon.

Because for him you are his cute little sister demon.

That is love.

Remember the day when you needed to go out,

But you had nothing to wear.

But there was someone to care,

Who gave you her dress with some halters of course.

Because she is your sweet sister for sure.

That is love.

Remember those good old days when

Stories were such fun.

And remember that old couple who was our story tellers

And pampered us the most.

They are the one who saves our life from parents’ scolding.

We are their spoilt brats

Because they are our grandparents.

That is love.

Remember those days when you went totally broke,

But you had to go for a date.

There came up some people who had solutions to all your problems.

And with them,

You don’t give a damn to the world.

Your and their relation never end,

Because they are your friend

And that stupidity with them is love.

Remember the day when that little puppy licked your face,

And you picked it up and kissed on its nose

While it kept looking at you with its innocent eyes

And enjoyed your pampering with a vow to follow you.

That is love.

Remember the day when that little hand held your finger

With a believe in you to protect him or her from all evils

And smiled at you confidently with those glittering eyes.

That is love.

Remember the day when you started spending sleepless nights

Talking to that special one with smiles and blushes.

Even spicy fights seems to be sweet,

That is love.

So now you know what love is.

Yeah, it is diverse

But it is very sweet.

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“Today I am in control because I want to be. I have my fingers on the switch, but have lived a lifetime ignoring the control I have over my own world. Today is different.”