‘What is love for you?’ asked a friend of mine. ‘Love for me?’ I laughed.

I thought about it, what is love for me? How do I describe it? And oh, I was speechless.

I went back home and while I was driving I kept pondering on the same question. What is love according to me? Why can’t I find any answer to it? Is it what I feel when I look at a handsome male, is it about listening to romantic music, is it when I can’t sleep all night or is it when I go on a date in a restaurant that serves delicious food. Hmm…what is love?

Finally, I reached home, parked my car and being a fitness conscious, I took the stairs to my apartment. I soon forgot about all that I was thinking and started to find my house keys in my huge office bag. Ha! Got it. As I reached my flat, I took the keys and opened the door.

Woof, Woof! Came the bark and there I saw Berry, my dog, jumping from the drawing room sofa and running towards me. I too walked swiftly towards him and hugged him tight. As I sat on the floor, Berry licked my face happily. And after twenty minutes of hugging, licking, kissing, our mandatory evening ritual was complete.

I went in, changed my office clothes, relaxed for a while and then Berry and I had dinner. After which I took him out for his evening stroll and once we came back, the air conditioning was switched on in my room. Locking the main and balcony doors of my house, I went into my room. My little dog was already tired and lying on the bed, looking at me as if he has to go out to work everyday. I quickly switched off the lights and went to sleep.

As I lay beside Berry, stroking his soft furry skin gently, I happen to think again about the question my friend had asked me.

Berry was sleeping with his one paw on my chest and as I looked at him, I got my answer. In that instant I knew what love was for me…unconditional, innocent and something that I did not want to lose. I smiled as I realised that cupid had already struck me, “Berry” meant love for me.

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