Who says the countries are developing? We are not rising high; instead the nerves of human existence are pulling themselves down, deep down into the ocean of obsession.

While raising some heavy slogans for women empowerment in BLOCK letters appears a cliché to the world, efforts are still being made to inculcate in the minds; that women possess equal skills and capabilities as men.

As the city lights and trees froze with snow all night in Hamilton, a soul took birth in the warmth of the masked monsters; the humans. Desperate was the father, to discover if it was a baby boy. Unfortunate was the baby, who couldn’t make her own choice before growing up in the womb, and developed to be a baby girl. She was safe and sound for the very few months, close to her mother’s heart.

Aggression, regret, obsession, foolishness, misjudgement, call it with a thousand adjectives, together drove the father to abandon his child. The parents didn’t look back for the baby at least for the sake of humanity. But, the Lord is kind to his creations. The baby soon grew up in the corridors of a rich old man who lost his family in a plane crash.

The girl gained her senses so strong that she made the sky touch the ground to identify who gave her birth. She later found out that her parents were thrown off their house as their debts overflew the jar. She disguised herself as an old neighbour and freed them from the debts. She stood by them through their illness, never disclosing her identity. She feared that if they discover that she was lying, she might be misunderstood as a fraud. She never said out.

It was a hot summer noon, when she reached their place to make her weekly visit, and heard them weeping on something. The pain in the father’s voice wished to get back to the past and bring his child back. She heard her parents missing her, for real indeed. Tears passed down the spine, her heart ached, the soul inside wanted to jump out and scream that their child is right here.

With a dilemma in mind, whether to confront them, how, when, what ifs and buts, all kept playing a toss within and kept her awake for several nights. She finally decided to see them, say it out loud that she never left them, that she still loves and needs them despite the loneliness she suffered, her life that was once considered a mistake.

She woke up the next morning, but never met her parents again. Not her mind that changed, not the decision that was dropped, not any person who diverted her, it was Alzheimers. A dreadful disease that wipes out the memory of a person, in such a way that a family breaks before building. Now, all she knows is that she owns a property and there was an old man who raised her up.

Life is too short to calculate and decide what has to be done and when.  Family, friends, our likes and priorities are what have to be given way at first. The parents did take a lot of time to realise a person’s worth, but who lost at the end? You can’t find your existence once the storm hits you. So act, before it’s too late.


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