Man assault is a reality. The time has come to speak against it. Abuse against men is not a widespread trend to that against women and children. But there are a few women involved in violence and oppressive behavior. About 10% of young men face physical torture from their girlfriends and about 30% emotional abuse. A women’s rights group like the Delhi Commission for Women (DCW) is evening listening to male abuse. It was surprising that men came there to file complaints about mental, emotional and physical abuse by their wives. Their complaints were genuine that they could not be turned away. Over the years the men have been demanding for similar body set up to listen to the problems that affect men. The fact that men have to go to a woman’s commission to file complaints itself shows that it is very necessary for a body to look after such issues. We see animal welfare, woman and child welfare with more than a crore as budget but nothing for men. Not only this, there is no law that identifies domestic violences against men in India. But now groups have been made in different parts of India to look after the interests of men. One of such is The Hridaya Nest of Family Harmony. It is a Kolkata based NGO with a programme called “ Hope for Men” to make men learn how to overcome with difficulties they face in daily lives.

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We can take the true case of an IT engineer based in Bangalore. Shekhar Rajak was madly in love with his girlfriend, Suman. Their relationship was almost of 5 years. Rajak had to work for long hours so he could not give much time to Suman.This became a topic of debate between the two. She not only complained but pressurized him to meet her daily. Later she also accused him of having an extra affair. Sometimes she even became violent, picking fights with Rajak and hitting him. Rajak could not speak to anyone about this. A man is called a sissy and blamed if he talks about abuse. They are told to take things in their good. They are stuck in both and bottle things up. Men should talk instead of hiding. They should not feel ashamed if their relationship is not working and let the person know about her unacceptable behavior. Not only this, they must fight back if they have been a victim of false cases instead of indulging in drugs and alcohol. Try the level best to reach out to relationships counsellors. They listen to the complaints patiently and will help in boosting the confidence.