A beautiful woman is a beautiful woman, but a beautiful woman with a brain is an absolutely lethal combination.

Woman with highest IQ have the hardest time finding a mate. Intelligent woman would rather remain single than be with the wrong person!

The old fashioned, mum-style woman won’t have a high IQ, and that smart men prefer to be looked after while smart women want an intellectually stimulating partner.

The preference for marriage is a product that depends on many factors. Read and decide if all of these statements below make sense to you.

1. Women have less to gain from marriage once they are able to provide for themselves economically.

2. Women with a higher IQ are more likely to be able to support themselves well.

3. More intelligent persons are better able to form preferences by analyzing real world factors and less likely to adopt established conventions.

4. Not marrying is the more rational choice for an intelligent woman.

If some or all of these statements are at least partially true, a high IQ in a women might be a hindrance for the institution of marriage, but not for the woman herself.

Image is taken from lifecontinuesafterdivorce.com
Image taken from lifecontinuesafterdivorce.com

Women want their partners to be at least as smart as they are, but men prefer to have something of an edge on the woman.

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