People read what they like, be it Bhagat or Bronte!

Literature consists of writings which convey various expressions and ideas of the author to the reader and many different ways. When any writer or poet writes a story or poetry it takes the reader on a journey with him through the words. So, it’s very necessary for the writer to make the reader understand about the types of emotions that he/she is trying to convey through his writing so as enable the room for sympathising with.

Understanding one’s emotions and experiences through the words, is I think what makes Literature so exciting!

One’s skill in conveying those emotions is directly proportional to the readership.
If someone’s idea that is represented through the text is very obscure or clumsy, people will find it rather hard in deciphering the meaning, which will ultimately lead to the decline of readership.

I think that simplicity is the key here. If I represent a very complex idea in my writing with ornamental language, half of the masses will not be able to comprehend it! It’s utterly useless as if you don’t get others to read and criticise your work, what’s the point of writing at all?

Writing must be simple and layered and should not only appeal to the readers but it should be a pleasant self-read as well!

I think its the most difficult thing to do, to write simply and appeal to the masses,    Nathaniel Hawthorne aptly had said that ”Easy reading is damn hard writing”.

Readership nowadays is different from what it used to be in the earlier times,
From Chaucer, Marlowe, Shakespeare , Ben Johnson to recent likes of Rowling, Collins and Brown, it is pretty evident that the matter that attracts the audience has changed down the years.

In the past plays were written to be mostly performed and that is from where they garnered criticism, with the advent of cinema and script writing the trend of writing plays is declining.

Stalwarts like Jack Thorne, Gary Oldman, Kenneth Branagh,Lin Manuel Miranda are clutching onto it with both hands.
Earlier there was a trend of writing stories or plays relating to the royal families or something that had a sense of power struggle in it, an underdog story.

Nowadays authors tend to write to write more on the so called ,”thrilling aspects” and romances, conspiracy theories are also invented by the authors on a regular basis!
I believe that everything is necessary is its own ground.

The books that are so called classics now, were heavily criticised by the people when they were being written, look at them now, they have attained immortality!
Same thing will be for the books that people are busy criticising now, years later they also will the status of classics!

The youth of India and I am sure that is case in the other countries as well, are overburdened with studies and expectations, so the habit of reading story books has sort of declined and in spite of most flak, it’s people like Rowling or Chetan who introduces kids of the new generation of the world of Literature!

Has readership changed?

Definitely! Because the time has changed so has the literature!
Kids of our generation and the ones to come who can and easily will operate all the modern gadgets will obviously find Shakespeare or Dickens a bit hard to relate— a guy called Oliver had asked for more food, and had gotten punished.

What’s the big deal?
I can get pizza home delivered anytime!
So why is that guy getting punished and insulted??
Understanding or being able to comprehend these concepts come with time…
With age comes Wisdom they say……

I don’t know how far have I been able to justify my thoughts regarding this matter but I have tried, I am open to all kinds of discussions and criticisms  regarding this topic so please tell me!!