Fun and adventure, the first few words that pops in everyone’s mind when they hear of travel, and this is what it is supposed to be all about. However, sometimes adventure can call for unwanted risk. What would you do if the place you wanted to travel to came with an adventure you were unprepared for?

If you decide to travel to the following places, we wish you all the luck in the world. Take a look:

  1. NORTH KOREA north-korea@7tintCurious to know why? A single reason is enough- they have Kim Jong-um as their President.

2. KAILASH MANSAROVER kailash mansoravar@7tint Being considered as a holy lake, that belongs to Lord Shiva, is a dream of every pilgrim and trekker, and is so famous not only for it’s beautiful landscapes but also holds the reputation of one of the most difficult terrain, that you should consider signing your death statement before you start off. It’s ever changing altitude makes it difficult for you to breath there and is another reason to make it a dangerous spot.

3. SYRIA SYRIA@7tint You know, it is the best place to be at,if you enjoy daily terrorist attacks


Lemaire Channel (Kodak Gap), Antarctica

Lemaire Channel (Kodak Gap), Antarctica

Antarctica is not the ideal place to vacation, Unless you are a White Walker.

5. Backpacking across AFGHANISTAN afghanistan@7tintWell, the thing is, it’s too dangerous for travellers because of various crimes and security issues. However, if you are dying to travel to this beautiful country, opt for a tour package which involves a lot of people.

6. PHUGTAL MONASTERY, Ladakh phugtal-monastery-ladakh@7tintGive this place a miss if you are afraid of heights, It’s built on a cliff-side. And if you cannot survive without a particular type of cuisine, this place is not for you.

7. HONDURAS, Central America honduras@7tintHigh crime rate, murders and deadly diseases with a backdrop of gorgeous landscape are a specialty here.

8. Rio de Janeiro, Brazil rio de janerio brazil@7tintPlanning a tour to it’s famous beaches, but no one will tell you about the crimes that take place on the streets of Rio.

9. CAPE TOWN, South Africa capetown@7tintYes, it is wonderful, but what will you do if someone kidnaps you or steals your money and passport? You cannot even venture out at night and so, it is too risky a vacation spot.

10. GUATEMALA CITY, Guatemala guatemala@7tintAlthough it is a known tourist attraction, the place is controlled by drug cartels and is full of drug related crimes and murders.

I won’t be visiting these destinations anytime soon. If you are daring enough to visit these places, then do share your experiences with us.


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