Women form that essential part of society, who simply can’t be ignored, especially when in a country like India where everyone worships a woman and consider her to be next to God. A woman is known for the multiple roles she plays. It is so said, a man can fulfill the space of a woman, but a woman surely can! But, when such is the case, then why do we have media, judging women, not by her capabilities, but by her looks?

Many a times, the media has created such gender stereotypes through their advertisements, where we are forced to question the capabilities of particular gender. 

One such instance is the Fair and Lovely ad. In these ads, we see girls focusing more on looks. As the name of the brand suggests, this so called brand, helps you get a fairer and beautiful face.


This particular ad above in the link shows how a girl, very talented dancer, but she is simply ignored because she is not beautiful. This shows that more than a woman’s abilities, what’s important is the external beauty. Only if you are beautiful, will you then get promoted thereby validating the typical idea of “looks first, abilities later”.


Let’s consider another instance! This above ad, shows how a guy, simply rejects her for the marriage and as soon as the girl applies the creme, she gets fair and beautiful and immediately the guy accepts her!

     Fair and lovely, every now and then, publishes such advertisements where they portray their concept of “being beautiful is more important than anything else”!!! There is an old saying that says, “it’s not necessary for a beautiful face to have a beautiful heart” applies here too. Reframing the above phrase, we can say that, ” having beautiful face is not necessary to have and amazing intelligence”.

         Let’s not talk of the ads for some time. Let us consider the people around us. Not just these ads, but also the people behave the same way, as they portray.

          It’s not hidden from us how a boy’s family behaves during rituals that precede the wedding. If the girl is of a bit dark complexion, there are people who just find the opportunity to ask dowry from her family. Sadly, people don’t see how much the person has achieved in her life because to them, only looks are important.

       I personally know a person who is well qualified, earns well, efficient enough to manage her entire family, but due to her complexion, the boy’s family asked her dowry. They said, they were not interested in knowing how much she studied because all they wanted was a housewife for their son, so educational qualifications did not bother them. Luckily, the girl refused to marry such a person and now she is actually happy, living a far better life.

        It is necessary for us to understand that, one cannot be judged by her outer beauty. One who has brains need not have a nice face and vice versa. Accept people, for who they are and what they can be. Otherwise many beautiful talents on earth may just go unseen, wasted!