Prostitution is not an unknown word in today’s world. It is a form of business that mostly covers the metropolitan cities like Mumbai and Delhi. Both our capital and financial capital highly witness the gamble of prostitutes as compared to other cities. And that’s a shame!

The women are forced into prostitution and are separated according to community. The women of these communities are principal wage earners of their families. Nobody within the community, has a problem with them earning money this way except for the women co-erced into it.

Women get married and move into a new family or settlement, hoping that their husbands will stand for them and stop the nightmares. But what if that very person forces you to get into prostitution to earn daily income? What could be more horrible than that? Husband is supposed to be a “Pillar of Strength” for women and his family. But what’s the point when he turns out to be a Demon instead, who does not bat an eye before using his wife as a scape-goat for his own survival.

Just because she is a woman, she has to be quiet, not voice her opinion and simply listen to her husband. She cannot dare to say NO, perhaps she’ll get kicked out of the house. The day starts at night for these women, they leave their houses at around 2 a.m in search of customers. And these women also have to make sure to hide themselves and their customers from the police authorities in order to make sure that the money earned by them won’t be snatched away by the police or even worse, they’ll have to provide free services to them.

According to the reports, these women have to make sure to get at least 5 customers a day to earn enough bread for their family. They finally return home around 7 a.m in the morning and get back to the mundane life of being a wife and doing the household things and serving the husbands (who forced them into prostitution).

These women are forced to satisfy other men and also their husbands at the same time. How disgusting and helpless they might be feeling about that fact? Apart from their horrible profession, they might be having a family, a daughter. No woman would want her daughter to face what she is facing. She would definitely try to keep her away from the darkness residing in this part of her life. She would want her children to go to school, get proper education and become a successful person in life, with their dignity intact.

Therefore, we have no right to hurl abuses/call out a women of this profession. Had she been given a choice, she wouldn’t have chosen this for herself. Woman are to be respected, no matter who they are.

SOURCEFrom various sources over the web.
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