You will not believe what horrific diseases are being caused by innocent looking Yoga pants and sports bras!


1. Sports bras and Yoga pants have been in fashion for quite a long time

Not only in gyms but also in streets, stores, groceries and malls.



2. Jen Selter is the reason behind trending Athleisure culture

Younger generation is embracing this trend to look tougher




3. It is time to check the health aspects of this trend

Your skin will never feel the same after its use for a prolonged period of time.




4. Rashes and itching are some of the common skin problems arising from it

It causes sweat clogging in the pores and doesn’t allow our skin to breathe




5. Folliculitis is the name of the disease

Yoga pants, sports bras and even razor blades can cause this disease which results in bacteria infested hair follicles.




6. See a physician if you get it

Because this problem will not go away on its own



7. Wear shorts – let your body breathe!

Your body needs to exhale too.



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