It has been almost days that I and Arjun are talking. We are close enough by now that we share our day with each other. We even make nonsense plans and laugh at it. We seemed to be perfectly compatible. We have so much in common. Now I started missing him a lot. So thought I will confess my Crush on him today. So, as usual after college I got freshen up and I called him.

Arjun : Hi, partner
Me : Hi, partner. Wassup?
Arjun : Aah… was a tiring day today… had lots of work….. just was planning to have tea… what about you?
Me: Came from college. Thought of calling you.  So, liking kolkata?
Arjun : Yeah, I have to like it. My future sasural.
Me : Sasural? ??
Arjun : Yeah your home, my sasural. (Jokingly )
Me : Acha, aisa?? (Smiling and blushing )
Arjun: Haan toh…. kal plan ni kiya tha kya ki hum tum shaadi ya live in mein reh rahe hai…
Me : Haan haan zaroor…
And we were talking all those random shit and were laughing.
After a while, I thought of confessing my Crush on him.
Me : Suno na, hero…
Arjun : Bolo na,  heroine  (copying me )
Me : Main bol ni rhi thi ki I had a crush on someone from your batch.
Arjun : Yeah, you said that.
Me : Toh main soch rhi thi ki aaj usko bol du ki woh mera crush hain…. bol du kya?
Arjun : Haan bol do. Tumko kon na bolega?
Me : Pakka?
Arjun : Yeah. Sure. Go ahead.
Me : Ok then. So….
Arjun : So what?  Go and tell.
Me : Okay so… Arjun you are my Crush. I liked you since the day I saw you. You look kharus per bohot handsome aur smart ho. I really like you.
Arjun : Ummm. ….. Thank you.
Then we continued talking.  I am feeling so relaxed. At least he knows now that I like him. Still we are friends and make fun of each other. Finally after some time we kept the call. Slowly I did my work and ended my day in a good note.

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