Dear Love,

When we will make love to each other for the very first time, you will see me not only naked but you will also encounter my insecurities and fears which I hide behind my modesty and clothes.

You will find scars from my childhood – on my knees or shoulders to my weird birth marks on my ass or thighs to my body pimples on back to my uneven skin tone on waist or arms.

And watching you look at me with those passionate eyes at those hidden places, I would feel exposed not because of sheer nakedness but because of exposing my vulnerability to someone.

And as I will try to catch hold on my rapid breath while you taste my skin with your lips and tongue, I would hope that you do not come across something which you would not desire to see.

But then half of my heart would want you to explore my body like a lost traveller and find beauty everywhere as if you reached your destination.

I would want you to look at me like I happened to be some magic.

Because it is not being unclad that fears me but the insecurities and low self-esteem about my own body that worries me.

I want to feel beautiful and not guilty of my act. I want to cherish this moment till the end. I feel as if it is your responsibility to make me love myself.

And as our body will collide in unison, I want you to dissolve all my inferiority complex in that moment of heat.

And me?

I would do the same to you…


Insecure Lover.❤

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