3rd July to 7th July 2015 was one of the best periods of my life till today. This period was under the umbrella of Youth Camp 2015, organised by We Are Young Foundation (WAY). The Camp was filled with learning sessions with fun-filled activities and adventures. The Camp gave me different experiences. Most interestingly, I was part of the Camp both as an organiser and as a participant. So I have gone through two different aspects of the Camp. As a result, I have two different perspectives of the camp.

Being one of the organisers, I travelled all the way with the Camp from its beginning to end. In a nutshell, I witnessed and experienced everything in the Youth Camp. Being a part of WAY from the past 2 years I always learned new things and skills out of my comfort zones. So, similarly, when we were organising the Camp, I was given certain responsibilities and works where I had very little knowledge. Hence, while working I faced challenges because I had to work out of my comfort zones. As a result, it helped me to incorporate a bit of skills which I never had. But it was fun working because whenever I faced problem there was always someone to back me up and motivate me. I would say I am very lucky to get an awesome bunch of co-volunteers and sir.

Now, my feeling being a participant is different from being an organiser. As the Camp believed in 5th space, co-designing and co-leading. So, every participant had equal activities to do and had equal right to put up their own say. For me the personal value sessions and activities, trekking and sessions by the resource persons were the best. I loved the session by Ipsita baa, who runs a school for the special children. Her story was quite relatable for me. A few hurdles which she crossed in her life is equally faced me too. So, her story somehow helped me to be inspired, motivated and ways to fight back my problems which seemed to be irresolvable by me. I too enjoyed the session by Ratnadeep Choudhary. Being a journalist he showed us how north east depicted from media lens in rest of the world. It was quite upsetting for me to know that most of the time the darker side of our region is depicted covering the brighter side. Being a blogger myself from that I pledged to help media covering the brighter side of my region and bring down the dark image from people’s mind. So, to continue with the pledge I had lots of duties to fulfil.

Next which made a deep impression in my heart was overcoming my fear of heights and fall down. I was very scared while trekking because I know I don’t have a good balance over my body. So, I was very paranoid while stepping the stones while we were crossing the streams. I was in tears when I was climbing the slippery muddy hill. I stopped in between because I was slipping down and I was almost lost and blank when I was not able to go up and was slipping down. I sat down and was totally hopeless. But finally after lots of boost from the fellow mates I climbed up. My dress was fully stained with mud. I climbed up and hugged my friend and was crying like a baby. The thing after going up that sir said to me was very true. He said that I have lots of problems in life and I think if I tell someone it will get sorted out. But even after sharing it doesn’t help. So only one thing can help me that is I always need me. Only I am the best friend for myself. These words were so effective because it was very true for me. The personal value development sessions and activities were really helpful because during one of the activities I was able to deal with my conflict.

Last but not the least, the thing I loved was that each one of us was a support to the other. Every work was done so smoothly that even some work which some of us never did seemed to be easiest of all because there was always a company to help us which made the work easy and enjoyable. In a nutshell, Youth Camp gave me experiences, new friends, new learning, new beginning and a new life event that made my life awesome.

Youth Camp


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