Today  world not even change by its economy also change by its trends. Now what exactly “trend “means , trend is a fashion and “trendy “ is fashionable. Trend in the sense that you have seen it on the internet is a recent addition to the western culture.People set their fashion ideals may be they can be celebrities or may be a common person. And these fashionistas set the new trends in the globe. Whether it is spring or winter  trends change according to the seasons. This is because people believe that changing your style according to the seasons enhance  their personality.
On a usual day you might not get really different options with regards to clothing yet what really makes you different from other is your exceptional style and how you make your style one of  a kind  thoroughly relies on upon you. Yet, what we overlook is that everybody has access to the same garments.  However , you can be rest assured that you wear great stuff everyday.
But to style yourself is a difficult task in monsoon season. IF there’s one thing that we know about monsoon ,it’s that its gloomy and often threatens to take the fun out of our fashion games.
For you to get your style diversion  on point , Here are 10 ways which make you snazzy
1) JEANS :
If we have to wear jeans in rain why not go for something a little more comfortable.
A ) STRECH DENIM  has a small percentage of spandex , which dries faster and its stretchable character doesn’t allow it to stick to your body when wet
B) DENIM FABRICS   is highly recommended. If you are in a mood to express further with your denim fabrics , bull denim.

2) Formal shirts always gives the classical look. But in monsoon to keep it clean and tidy is a difficult challenge. But the pure cotton always gives the comfort. So choose the cotton made shirts.
We are taking rich hues, fresh prints , short number , light fabrics and just the right amount of layering to give monsoon fashionable spin.So why not the ethnic wear which always gives a fresh look not only to womens but also to mens.
3) KURTAS have been all time favourite for summer season. As cotton and linen serves best during monsoon.wear light blended fabrics such as lycra or polyester cotton as they are easy to wash.
4) BAGS is considered as an main aspect for the fashionista’s. So that you choose should also be either of the faux leather which dries off faster. It enhances your personality.

What’s more you can do that by trying different  things like your facial hair and accessories  your outfits. But apart from these accessories mens can complete their look by many more essential things LIKE:

5) HATS : These accessories as they protect your hair during this sticky weather.HATS are of many types. But during monsoon BASE BALL cap is the best one.

6) SHOES : An absolute  necessity in the mucky monsoon,  your rain shoes do not need to be boring. They should be comfortable and gives the image of a proper dude. As brands is all time favourite for mens. But its beat to avoid leather and fabric based style.

7) WATCHES gives an classical and royal look. So invest into a colourful but water resistant style , avoiding leather straps.

8) THE DAPPER MOUSTACHE : one of the plus point . Mens can use this blessing of god in a unique and classy way which can complete your stylish look. During the formals looks , the moustache gives the sign of the new fashionista in the town.

9) TATTOOS : No longer tattoo is a sign of a bad character. Somehow the alphabetic tattoos show the personality of a person. Example if a person have a tattoo of the WORD FREE it gives the personality of a person as a free from the tension of the world. So tattoos also complete your look.

10) OHERS in this category we include piercing,  bands and many tiny things which not only gives an attractive look but also make yourself different from others. Using the things in the most wise manner is the sign of an fashionista.

Now grungy monsoon’s got nothing on us !!. If we follow these few expert tips that will help your look like a player.

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