Have you ever wondered why watches are always set on the same time in advertisements? Chances are you’ve not noticed.

If you look at any advertisement of a watch on hoarding or a newspaper, you will notice that it’s time is probably set on 10:10. Searching ‘watch’ while shopping online brings up thousands of results, but it’s difficult to find a picture of a wrist watch which isn’t set to that particular time.

The reason behind this strategy was revealed in a New York Times article, watch hands positioned at this time “frame the brand name and it’s logo,” according to Andrew Block, executive vice president of watch dealer Tourneau. Since most brand logos are at the top of the watch-face, setting the time to 12:05 or 1:20 would cover them up.

Of course, you could set the watch hands the opposite way at 4:40 and get the hands completely out the way of the logo, but that might not appeal to the costumers – as Susanne Hurni, head of marketing and advertising at Ulysse Nardin told the paper, keeping the hands facing up makes the watch resemble a smiley face.

So, if you want to sell a watch, set it to 10:10 for the most aesthetically pleasing picture. Even if you don’t, you’ll never be able to look at a watch advertisement without noticing it’s time again!

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