1. Show me the ring boy!

Here’s a common gay dude showing his ring to his friends. He just managed to get hitched and the whole community seems excited about that.


2. This is why you shouldn’t kiss in front of the kids

This is how they react when they notice the bride and groom kissing on the altar.


3. This is how they showed up at a marriage

Amazing, how fun these dudes can be. You certainly did marry well, bro!


4. The champagne bottle just popped up

Look how scared she is! If she is so scared at the foam now, wonder what will happen later?!


5. Kick ‘dat

When the bride kicks the groom on his face – and you can’t help but laugh all over the place.


6. A Gamer’s Wedding

This guy has just reached a new level in life: Obtained a Wife! This is why gamers’ weddings are fun.


7. Bridesmaids teasing the bride

Although she will only see this picture probably with a room full of her in laws and feel embarrassed!