Instagram is rapidly becoming the most used social networking site. Though there are many social networking sites, Instagram is inching high in the trending social networking sites group. It has over 200 million monthly active users within three and half years, while Facebook took five years to reach this milestone. Here are reasons why people prefer Instagram over Facebook:

1. I can manage what I want to see. There is no necessity to follow someone just because they have. I have the choice to customize what appears in my feed. My followers can see my pictures in their feed while I could choose whether I want theirs on my feed or not, unlike Facebook where both the people have to accept friend request to get each other’s updates on news feed.

2. My friends tag me for my most embarrassing pictures in Facebook and people in my friends list get to see that! But I don’t care who tags me in Instagram because only their followers get to see it.

3. I comment on someone’s photo in Facebook and all my friends are notified of what I comment, by their feed but I enjoy the privilege of liking and commenting on pictures without being afraid of it popping in my followers’ feed.

4. Instagram is simple. No complications. No need to come up with a catchy status update or tire myself to come up with a worthy line to post a picture. Just a photo with the location and that’s it! Post completed!

5. I can follow my favorite star’s page and see what they are up-to! And popular people are more active in Instagram than in Facebook, and just click a picture to update what they are currently doing.

6. I can simply click pictures from the camera button in Instagram and instantly upload! I don’t need to worry about the editing because it has tons of filters and editing options to make the my photo look good!

7. Last but not least, most of the people in Instagram are young people. I don’t have snoopy aunts gossiping about some photo I have posted or some neighbors discussing about my status updates. Since it is young guys out there, I have the freedom to post anything I want without being judged.