So, finally you have started dating a Bong girl and worried as to how she would be!These are the 7 signs which will prove that your girl friend is a true Bong.

1. THE EYES WILL SURELY HYPNOTIZE YOU- Her ‘aankhein’ may not be ‘gulabi’ and your heart may not go ‘sharabi’ over it but yes you will agree that those ‘kajal’ smeared eyes do speak a lot. She might be shy enough to confess how much she loves you but you will find the answer as soon as you look into her eyes. Think again! Did’nt you started feeling for her the moment she exchanged looks with you accompanied by a reluctant smile!


2. ‘MAACH’, ‘MISTI’ and MORE- Lucky you!You will never hear her saying that she is on a diet. Her meals are incomplete without ‘maach’ (fish) and ‘misti’ (sweet dish). Keep any fish item on her plate and she can clearly distinguish between a sea fish and warm water fish. ‘Hilsa’ or ‘prawn’ or may be both has to be in the list of her favourite fishes. Trust me, even if your special someone is sized zero, she can never say a ‘NO’ when it comes to ‘rosogolla’ and ‘kheerkadam’. Any occasion to her, calls for the theme “Aj kuch meetha ho jaaye!” ‘Phuchka’ be her patent food for the evenings. If you are a foodie you should make sure to date a Bong because she will always accompany you and never question your weight.


3. ‘LIGHTS! CAMERA! ACTION!’- Not to worry, even if she is born in Bangalore or Berlin, but at the corner of her heart she will have an affinity towards bengali movies and a secret infatuation towards actors ranging from Uttam Kumar to Abir and Parambrata. The craze does not end here. Any movie which has a tinge of the Bengalee culture will be soon counted in her list of favourites, be it, ‘Kahaani’, ‘Piku’ or ‘Vicky Donor’.


4. BEING A TRUE FAN- Ok! She might not know the difference between ODI and T20 but Sourav Ganguly is always her favourite cricketer. To her, music by Shreya Ghosal is the melodious. Infact any celebrity, be it Bipasha Basu or Jhumpa Lahiri, a true Bong will admire all of them. To her, they are the best! Now isn’t that being a true fan?


5. THE 9 YARDS OF GORGEOUSNESS- When girls of her age are visiting ‘AND’ and ‘MANGO’ before an occasion, she on the other hand is visiting ‘ADI MOHINI MOHAN KANJILAL’. A bong looks her best in a saree. After she has draped a saree, she defines the epitome of beauty. And you will also admit that she looks way prettier in a saree than in a dress. Accompanied by a small ‘bindi’ and large ‘jhumkas’, she can carry looks to die for.


6. MOMENTS OVER MATERIALS- She is cool with the fact even if you take her to a roadside dhaba rather than a five star restaurant. She is never judgemental with these issues as she is just concerned about making memories with you. She will try her very best to make you feel special and whatever small you do will be treasured by her. Because she believes that materials will fade but memories will last forever.


Last but not the least. . . . .

7. THE ‘DAAK’ NAM- Unlike every couple you do not have to wrack your brain to give a cute nick name to your ‘baby’ because she already has a ‘daak’ (nick) name given by her parents. And her nick name is unique and mostly meaningless but you will love to call her by that name.


Mark my words, if you are already dating a Bong girl, then decide to get hitched to her because there’s no ceremony anywhere else on this universe, which beats the rituals and grandeur of a Bengali wedding and you will surely get a chance to experience “THE DURGA PUJA”!

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