Love is a variety of different feelings, states, and attitudes that ranges from interpersonal affection to pleasure. An emotion of a strong attraction and personal attachment.

Arabic and Sufi literature and traditions describes the seven stages of love i.e. attraction, attachment, love, trust, worhship, madness, death.

First stage i.e. Attraction stage takes place. The first stage of love where eyes meet, spark is initiated and the journey of love begins. It is the first stage of love. It is beginning of love. Where boy and girl meet each other with eyes. And this process begins.

“They saw each other the first time.”

“His heart whispered, she is the one.”

Second stage, Attachment, starts with fondness where a feeling of strong connection comes. The second stage of love. Where both the girl and boy feel that there is something. There is a common bond between them.

“They spend most of the time together.”

“One day without each other is like a day without water.”

Third stage, Love the most blissful of all the stages. Here the couple started feeling at the top of the world, unaware of other things in life, just lost in thoughts do beloved ones.  In this stage the loved one only cares about each other, they does not care about the outer world.

“He finally told her about the feelings for her.”

“She accepted his feelings and confronts her too.”

Fourth stage is Trust. Trust foundation of love. Here one started trusting someone more than anything. After this there is no turning back in love. Trust enhances the love.

“The unbreakable trust.”

Fifth stage i.e. Worship, worshipping the beloved. Here love not ends even after rejection. Instead leads to the next stage of love.

“She worshipped him.”

Sixth stage is Madness. One finds his own identity incomplete without beloved.  Love reaches to the level of obsession and madness.

“She was his addiction.”

Last and seventh stage is Death, the final stage of love. In this stage the self identity is completely lost. Here the existence of lover depends on the existence of beloved. But the love never dies.

“He was breathing for her.”

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