7 Things Every Hosteller Does


1) Hide every edibles brought from home – Students who are suffering in hostels best fathom the worth of home made food items and that this has to be hidden. None of the hostellers want to share or fragment any stuff from this precious treasure.


2) Turn into Non Vegetarian – Most of the vegetarians turn into non vegetarians because we get nothing good to eat in the feckless place, the good-for-nothing, ‘Mess’. (Yes, exactly it is a mess. Mess of tasteless food.) Life becomes a plain vanilla. But Chicken proves to be the only healer in the saddest of our days.


3) Waste Electricity as much possible – We are so frustrated with all the facilities of the hostel that in order to take revenge we intentionally waste electricity as much as we can, so that the hostel authority gets a lengthy bill. This is the most frivolous behaviour but yes, we do it.

PC: www.pcog.org
PC: www.pcog.org

4) Wear clothes without washing them – We were habitual of wearing fresh clothes because our mothers always washed them with great dedication, but after landing into a hostel we prefer to wash clothes only when they begin to stink abnormally or spots of Chicken gravy gets visible on it.


5) Understand the importance of hygiene – This reminds, how mothers were always poking us to stay hygienic. Now it is realised. In hostels when one person uses the washroom, others are waiting on the door to spray the Air – freshener all over the restroom.


6) Wake up without Mom’s scold – Mothers are specialists of waking up their kids in the morning either by switching off the fan or turning on the light. But hostel life has taught to use to wake up without Mom. If we need to wake up at 7 o’clock, for college, we put up alarms for 6.30 am, 6.40 am, 6.50 am and finally for 7 am.


7) Use Skype (Video calling) – We miss Home so much and our family misses us back in the same way that everyday or every alternate day, we Skype with the whole family.


Have A Memorable Hostel Life!


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