I know it has been long time you people are together. It is pathetic to think that these are last days of your college and you want to live your fullest with your friends and want the time to stop as you don’t want to lose these moments. So, I have some 7 things which you can do for your close friends to treasure your memories for life.

1. Arrange a dream dinner/ lunch at a place where you first went for dinner/lunch together.

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Remember how you guys had an awesome dinner/lunch when you all went together for the first time. So much fun, talks, understandings over that dinner/lunch. So, why don’t you arrange a dinner/lunch for your close friends in the same place and remember all those good moments. You’ll feel the nostalgia.

2. Re-create those moments.


Quietly plan an outing with your close friends and do all those memorable things with them that come to your mind whenever your friendship comes to your mind. It might be some funny, sad, pathetic, thrilling at that time. But if you re-create those moments you people will live those moments once again with some stories and memories.

3. Create something alike for each one of you.

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It might be anything like tiara or jewellery piece or dress or some artefacts but that should be all the same for each one of you. Like same colour dress with different designs for each one of you, or flowery tiaras for your close girlfriends or same bracelets for all of you. It will be a memory to treasure for all of you.

4. Create something together


It might be wall painting or a big art piece to put up. I know all of you might not be very creative. But it’s not a problem. Create something with your hands, fingers or foot prints. Quite awesome piece can come out which you all will treasure for life.

5. Plan a trip together


It might be trip to anyplace where only you and your friends will go. You can go crazy to the level of road trips, adventure trips or food travelling or anything you all will love to because it would be a memory for rest of your life.

6. Get an extraordinary snap.


I know you have many photos together. But this time go little crazy. Wear some funny dresses or make ups and click some extraordinary which will make you smile for your rest of your life. You can also try some weird poses too.

7. Make a bunch of notes for them.


Make some feel notes for your buds… collect them all and pin up. Give it to them on your last day. Fill it with all your random feelings you shared, or wanted to share with them or things you always wanted them to know…write everything. It will be the best thing you can give them.

I hope these 7 things can create some memories for rest of your life which you all can treasure. Do it soon before it’s too late. Have awesome time together!!! ☺