Suraj Deo became the main mafia leader after murdering the godfather, B.P. Sinha. Suraj Deo was responsible for the killing of Shahid Khan (portrayed by Jaideep Ahlawat with same namesake). Blood was Suraj Deo’s favourite. Responsible for murdering Mukul Dev of RJD (Rashtriya Janata Dal) and Santosh Sengupta of the Forward Bloc sent shivers down those who resisted him and those who thought they could topple him just like he did.

While the Singh mansion was maintaining his clout, a family feud brought the local Muslim mafia into the coal turf. Shafiq Khan (Sardar Khan in the movie) was at odds with his brother, Hanif. Shafiq clashed with Hanif over the coal stolen from goods trains and the control of a small pond near Topchachi village which Shafiq used as a fishing pond but was actually a cover for his illegal activities. This is no Mumbai, where a truce solves your problems. This is Dhanbad, the land of coal where you are born in coal and die in coal. Simple as ABC, Hanif hired a contract killer (supari) and finished Shafiq at the nearby petrol pump where Shafiq was re-fuelling his car. The problem was that the pump was owned by a Singh faction, which to add fuel to fire was at odds with the main scion.

The bloodbath between the brothers was not just on coal. Many mafia dons at the time demanded “Agenty”, an extortion term used in private bus industry. The Muslim mafia were quick to realise this easy buck and went in for the kill. When Shafiq’s eldest son Samin Khan continued his acts (Represented by Danish Khan in the movie), he was killed by Hanif’s killers on the tracks of Dhanbad Court as shown in the movie. This marked the rise of Faheem Khan (Faizal Khan in the movie) who headed the gang with his two friends Shaabir Alam and Shahid.

Back to the Singhs, the clan was now running a fief. Noted journalist Anirudh Dutta reports in his blog that when his bus was crossing a bridge in Dhanbad, some goons cornered it and asked for payment to Surya Deo Singh as he was the one who built it. The bridge was a toll bridge and this was before globalisation became a buzzword!!

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