Who says leaving loved ones is easy and who says the pain caused by separation is bearable. In today’s reality people switching from one relationship into another is like clothes which is somewhere acceptable because to trust anyone in this cruel world is near to betrayal. But there is always other side of the coin. What happens to those who live in this happy world, the world which is perfect by any means?

Those who try to live in this utopia are badly caused because of the negative outer force. This force is so strong that it won’t let you be happy. It is believed and it was believed that once this dark world caught you happy from that very moment they start working against it. To them it doesn’t matter how they are playing with the emotions, they keeps on judging the happy faces and comparing them with the negative. They do every possible thing to overpower you and destroy yours relations. And accomplish their goals by making you STRANGERS.

To be a stranger to your loved ones is painful; it is like living with the black color and making it your only and happy color. From pink now black becomes your favorite color. All this difference is not because of your choice it is because time has changed, it has turned its back, you remained the same your wallpaper is still the same, people still cherish your good days only difference is you people are not together because you give up so easily and this pain of the separation, pain of growing apart is not only causing you from inside but it is also visible outside. The bruised heart which is hidden by the imperfect smiles, the eyes which are not numbed because it is still enjoying the togetherness, the ears which can still hear the laughter. You miss each other but only difference is now you cannot describe on any social media because people think you are now strangers but this separation is only physical, you are still emotionally connected. Now you can only wait for your respective ends because waiting for each other is of no worth, no one has courage to step ahead and fight for your own happiness.

We just let ourselves get dominated and people take advantage of it by ruining our relationships. We need to work on this, because saying bye to your loved ones is not the only option left, choice is yours if you want this to happen, let others overpower you or you want to be who you are. Because loved ones brings best out of you, you feel actual you with them. And you can change this difficult goodbye into never ending relationship it is just the matter of initiating. True relationships are hard to find they are who lead you on the right path, don’t let them go so easily because of some minor issues which are important now because it won’t make sense after sometime, after some time you’ll not even remember the reason of leaving each other what you going to remember is the bond, the friendship, the love but then you cannot go back. Be there with your loved ones don’t follow other commands you are mature enough to take your own decisions. Every relationship is precious, RESPECT IT.

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