Dear Son,

I very well remember the day when you were born. The labor room was full of your cries. I didn’t listened to it though since I was unconscious but when I gained senses I had another blessing from GOD. I can’t explain it to you in words how happy I felt when I first saw you. You were sleeping with your hands curled, fists folded and making funny faces. Tears rolled out from my eyes at that moment. Since you were the youngest in family, my love and affection for you was considerably more from your elder brother. Let me tell you my child parenting is not easy. You will only realize when you will become one. You will have to sacrifice a lot for your special guest. Well, frankly speaking, you troubled me a lot than your brother. Slowly and gradually your body gained pace and you turned into a teenager. You had learnt many things before entering into an adolescent. Few good and few bad. You were turning young day by day and on the contrary I was getting old with the same pace. I suppose you didn’t notice that.

But in the past few years, you started behaving strange. I don’t know what exactly went in your mind that you forgot who the person was whom you were talking to. You felt irritated and rough and answered each and every person in a very harsh and bad tone. My child, you even forgot how to talk to your parents. I felt very sad on your condition. I was always available for you to share what and how you were feeling but alas I was always cornered by your harsh and insulting response. A lady can bear anything for her children but when her children disrespects her, she breaks from within. The human inside me reminded me not to disturb you and let you suffer since the way you treated your mother was not tolerable under any circumstances. You were told several times by many persons to change your behavior but I suppose all went in vain.

But now, even I am helpless since I am in some other dimension but believe me I still can’t see you crying my child. I can see from here that now you are regretting about your behavior but hey!! Don’t feel low. You are strong and you have a whole life ahead. A family is waiting for you.

But my child let me tell you one thing. Listen carefully. If you are lucky enough you will be blessed with a daughter and in that case there would be two ladies to take care of- One your wife and second your daughter. It is your responsibility to give immense love, care and respect to them. I understand there will be the times when you will lose your temper but make sure you fill the voids afterwards with more and more love. There is no such so called “perfect relation”. It is in fact a mixture of ups and downs. It is all about balancing.

Well, I will be watching over you every single second.

I still love you.



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