My dear (Rational) Head,

It is always entertaining to watch a race. But not so much when you are one among all the rats running the damn race.

Sorry dude!

Not any further. Stop annoying me every second. I cannot collect all the stars to add to your badge.

Why so much stress?

My stupid boss tells me to complete the task in 2 yours and you start hammering my cerebrum. No, I won’t ! I will take 3, 4 or may be 5. Call me slow. Shout. But I won’t. Your urge to be perfect at everything, just don’t bring this to me.

You think, I can give all your relationships with other human beings on the planet enough love, care everyday given that I spend almost 12 hours on my routine-stricken work? But I still reduce my sleeping hours to do the best I can. But how can you expect me to say all nice things with friends, family and even acquaintances? After a stressful day?

Darling, not everyday.
And then you see 2 beggars at a station and feel bad about them. You don’t want to promote beggary. You realize you have 2 fruits in your bag. So you give one to the beggar saving one for yourself because your stomach is aching.

So? What? Why this guilt of leaving the second beggar empty handed? Who are you? Daanveer Karan? Yeah, I know, you have this bucketlist. I am pretty aware that it is still untouched. You think it is just you who is bothered? Why queuing up my insecurities?

NOW take these earbuds and clean it out. I have something important to say.
A break. I need a break from everything. Break from your continuous stress-giving thoughts. Break from this idea of being successful. Break from this idea of being perfect at everything. People who are telling me to go for a job hunt and grab the best one with all the best perks. I need a break from such people.

What have I done till now? In a hurry to do a lot, I have actually lost a lot. Why so fast? Slow down. Let me ‘walk’ for a while. For my limbs are aching, feet bleeding and ‘I’ incapable of digesting where have I come. A warrior need to be present in his OWN battlefield. And this is not mine. In a haste to come first, you misled me. I have come a wrong way.

Will you ever understand how aching it is? So let me walk now. Enough of jumping n running. Now, take some steps backward. Let’s take a U-turn. Lead me to a road that takes me to ‘my’ Battlefield. It may not ensure ‘you’ success but definitely won’t leave me unsure of ‘my’ happiness. Let’s take a U-turn. For the sake of untouched Bucket list.

Your (Irrational) Heart