It was late on the evening of 8th November when the Honorable Prime Minister of India, Narendra Modi announced on national television that India will cease to use Rs 500 and  Rs 1,000 notes from midnight to fight fake currency and black money in the system.

This spontaneous move by NaMo sent shock waves through the entire nation. And also, widespread panic.

I do not support the move made by NaMo as it was not well thought of.
His interest may have been for the welfare of the public but the implementation was lagging in all respects.

Development of a nation must always start from at the grassroots and in the case of India – the villages.

Hundreds of peasants had to face lot of hardships. The month of November, also the harvest season , the peasantry was in a grave situation . Their hard earned money  had turned into  mere valueless paper .

NaMo has always supported large businesses and MNCs . It is evident from the shameless way he sold himself to the Reliance Jio marketing.

His speeches are no doubt amazing. It can easily fool the poor and the uneducated because all they need is hope and NaMo, through his speeches, appears as a Saviour.

The common people of India have been suffering ever since he came into power.

I had to stand in long queues under the scorching sun, pollution and noise for hours in front of ATMs and banks.

I felt harassed. Just overnight I became poor. Even after having money in my hand and bank account I was not able to use it.

Ofcourse, NaMo said use Paytm, go cashless, let’s become a nation governed by plastic money.
But what about that “chai-wala” , how do you expect us to pay him for his “strong” tea!!!
Right! He must then own a smart phone. Then, he wouldn’t be a “chai-wala” if he were so rich now, would he?

If you expected a revolutionary change then you are absolutely mistaken. You should have taken time and used your head or at least the brains of the educated class to understand the consequences of your pathetic move .

You got support from the Bollywood fraternity, the same people whose names were allegedly there with details of black money stashed in Swiss bank.

With your  pretentiousness and dramatics, you have a good scope to be the next best actor of Bollywood.

If you are so keen on removing corruption from the Indian society, kindly start with these big shots and then turn to us common people.


Voice of a common (Wo)Man!