The schedule they follow is somewhat like this not all have the same but yes can relate to the parts.

1. They wake up before anyone in the family mostly
2. Complete their routine.
3. Morning pooja.
4. Waking up other family members according  to their required time for schools, college, office or any other appointments of their.
5. Keeping their clothing, doc’s, utility items like watch napkin etc ready
6. Meanwhile preparing for breakfast as well as lunch boxes
7. Making sure everything happens on time, from serving breakfast of their choice to all necessary times handy so they all can proceed for their tasks
8. Filling water (at villages they have to go to some distance place for it)
9. Cleaning of house dusting wiping placing stuff at there place etc etc
Washing cloths by hand or machine
Washing utensils.
10. Preparing for lunch in case there are people who have lunch at home
11. Cleaning up after lunch
12. Gathering dried cloths ironing and placing them right
13. Checking up for kids homework and making them do so.
14. In-case kids have tutorial  preparing and sending them for the same
15. Checking up for what is stored and what is about to get over in the house from tooth past to room freshener
16. The necessary household shopping (of course  including theirs)
17. Preparing and serving for dinner keeping in mind everyone’s choice  and cleaning up after that place and utensils
18. Preparing beds and checking for door knobs and other security.
And doing all this on time and even making up all arrangements for every member so they be on time by remembering even their timings

Most importantly they bind the family together by acting as the adhesive between the members of the family.
With this taking care of any one ill, and precaution against any environmental change (from mosquito to cold all included) for small kids 0 – 3  as well aged being available 24-7 to them for their food, body care medication etc.
Yes they do have their breakfast lunch tea snacks etc,  watch television, gossip with neighbors also learning new quick tricks of households (cooking sewing etc) as well out side work that they undertake (paying bills get stuff fixed, bank etc), go out on walks, rest and other such activities in the mean while.
The other members do help and play a part as and when they can and feel like.
Even if working they do make up for these responsibilities as much as possible rest handled by maids and technology.
And they do all this because they feel a part of the family and connect to each member of the family as a wife, as daughter-in-law, as sister-in-law, as mothers, as grand daughters …


****with time everything get    changed*****

An Indian house wife start her day as per her need
If she is needy and economically weak then starts her day early in the morning and after completing her family responsibilities, work for earning, here she doesn’t stop she help her children in study and also help them for overdevelopment and also helps her husband in business and also gives him moral support and satisfy him in all areas
But also their are some housewife for them life is only time pass for them day starts after10 am start slowly wait for maid do work slowly spent most of their time in shopping, in front of TV, in social networking, in chatting, in Kitty parties etc after this type of life they became patient of depression…..