Dear daughter,

I am really sorry that I could not meet you. I was planning to meet you soon. But your Sushila aunty and Ramaan uncle was very disappointed to hear that I was about to meet you. Since very long I was waiting to meet you. I was much more excited than you about the meeting. After such a long wait we were about to meet but I could not make it happen.

I know how much it pained when we couldn’t meet. Although we were so near still we could not meet. You know what my little princess, mommy feels the same pain as much as you do.

As you know your daddy left us long back. To him, your arrival was never a happy news.  So, for you I started a fresh new life where mommy and Princess can live happily. I know I am the only support for you and you’r mine too.

Even though I was happy to learn that we are meeting soon but others were not happy about you.
Yesterday your Sushila aunty and Ramaan uncle gave me a cup of coffee before sleeping. After the cup of coffee, I slept very early.

Today it was very painful to know that you are no more and reason behind your death is the cup of coffee last night.  It had some elements which murdered you. You were murdered by your uncle and aunty.  And the only reason of murdering you was that your mommy is an unmarried single mommy. Since morning I was crying and now I want to come to you and will meet you soon after some time in front of the golden gate of heaven.

Your mommy.