About Us

Do not think of us as another online time waster but we will feed your minds with crazy chunks of diverse knowledge.

Be ready to get amazed, every day, by some serious stuff, stuff that is created ad hoc for you from the most active corners of human minds.

Visit us if you have a polymath in you, if not, come, and we will make you one.

Think of area 51, or think of what deep inside the earth, you will find answer of just everything. 7tint family has a philosophy, in fact, a plethora of philosophies that address every kind of personality living on this amazingly versatile earth.  We believe in the term which is made popular by Sir James Altucher, i.e. “Idea Sex”. Infusing more than two ideas of totally different domains and enjoying the result, people often get amazed by these type of products, and hey, we have numerous of them. Come, visit and enjoy the most bespoke articles and posts, crafted only for you.

At present, we have a team that is more than a family, dedicated, exceptionally serious about what they have to offer, they know the nerves of their readers, they know what you need early in the morning and keep track of moment to moment need of your hungry brain. We are growing, we are improvising, we do accept our mistakes, we fix them, this is our schedule. Backend is given as much of importance as front end, and that is going to be the secret recipe of our success.

What we guys want from you is your time, and your attention. Read, interact, comment on this platform, you would be happy and satisfied, we will make this sure at every stage. 

For more details about who we are, here is our email – editor@7tint.com