For all of us who sucked real bad at Maths all our life, it’s a day to thank those who didn’t. International Accounting Day celebrates the profession of people who can’t screw up their jobs. And for all the future Chartered Accountants who always keep vociferating about how they have no love life, we believe you. And that’s why we ask all the admins of those meme pages to kindly cut you some slack. On a serious note though, these professionals deserve to get some rest more than anything else. Today, give them just that!

Remember the debate topic “SCIENCE: A BOON OR A BANE?” from our school days? Today is official day to debate on this topic. World Science Day for Peace and Development aims at educating people about the relevance and importance of science in everyday life and in turn, get them to debate on burning issues in the field. You can explore the diversity of science by visiting museums, and doing your own little research online, or otherwise. The purpose of this day is to focus on the use of science to benefit every person, globally. And it calls upon each one of us to be good citizens of the global world and do our bit.

A life bereft of technology is something our generation can’t even imagine. Yet, there are millions of people to whom even the basic technologies are inaccessible. This is the main reason behind World Usability Day. Making technologies safer, longer-lasting and accessible is the main agenda. All this, keeping the Earth in mind. This day aims at bringing about ideas for greener technologies. Understanding natural relationships among different species and applying them to bring about new technological solutions or maybe, even improve the state of existing technologies is what usability is all about.