Act of God

Things beneath our curious contemplation often find themselves being credited to the gods. When people in responsible positions turn to playing blame games, it is quite often that the actual sufferers don’t get even emotionally atoned.

It is innate in the cowardly to adopt to the wild survival instinct of safety first. The technological advancement that we have achieved thanks to an evolved cerebrum empowered us with the ability to not just create and manipulate through complex emotional and technical situations, but also to anticipate and adapt for several forthcomings through empirical analysis. But since in a physical crowd of over a billion and a spiritual crowd of a further 300 million, scapegoat are last on the list of “hard to find things”.

What is more worrisome is the deeper psyche of self-inflicted helplessness, un-professionalism and an even more passive-submissive attitude towards humanity as an extended family. Our actions are not an Act of God. We are an Act of HUMAN; to become more humane.