An alumni of the NARSEE MONJI INSTITUTE OF MANAGEMENT STUDIES, the newest entrant in the field of fashion is this 24 year old aspiring girl. After having presented her designs at the Ethnic Fashion Week, judged by such stalwarts like Shilpa Shetty and Shruti Hassan, she has already paved her way towards blazing success and soaring heights.

Interacting with her recently at the KAMLA MILLS, Lower Parel, Mumbai, she eloquently spoke about her decision to foray into the world of fashion designing, why she left the studies of honors and how she has plans to establish a career for herself in the future.

Q.1 You were pursuing honors, what made you suddenly switch to a completely different field ?

  1. I had an immensely confused mind during the second year of my college. I had a gut feeling that I won’t be able to pursue this course further. My parents pushed me towards MBA. I gave at least 17-18 exams but unfortunately wasn’t able to crack any reputed university. Dejected and Crestfallen, I came back to Jaipur. My mother saw my gloomy face and asked me what I wanted to do in life, I spontaneously said- Fashion Designing. She saw me with a state of surprise, and that was it, I decided to listen to my heart and pursue this.


Q.2 Tell us something about your experience of the Ethnic Fashion Week.

  1. It was quite good, to be honest. It was my first tryst with getting exposed to the glitzy and glamorous Page 3 parties. However, I slowly and gradually realized that this wasn’t the industry I wanted to pursue my career in. Although we were treated like celebrities and gave lots of media interviews, there were some people who were constantly looking at us, as if judging our existence over there. They immediately threw negative vibes.


Q.3 How did you get such a big opportunity ?

  1. Okay so it was a random competition, my college people mailed us about this event. I had absolutely no interest in participating as I had no knowledge about Ethnic wear. I informed my professor that I wouldn’t be able to participate in this, he said some really inspiring words then. He said I had a western thinking, a blend of contemporary and ethnic. I just closed my eyes, thought of some random designs and drew 8-10 sketches. 5 were shortlisted for the event and as they say, the rest is history.


Q.4 How do you define Fashion, is it looking good all the time and wearing expensive clothes or being able to effortlessly carry yourself in whatever you wear ?

  1. The second one. Fashion, for me, doesn’t mean following the trend, it’s about confidence and attitude. If I feel immensely comfortable in my night suit, I’ve no qualms in flaunting it, I can be completely unapologetic about it.

For instance Ranveer Singh, I may not like his clothes all the time but I really enjoy his bohemian fashion sense.


Q.5 How are the people in this industry? Biased, Nepotistic or Genuine ?

  1. I’m too young to answer this question. I don’t like a majority of the fashion designers, they are anything but altruistic. Nobody is thinking about the textile industry, the common people. We need a ray of hope, someone who thinks about the people belonging to lower strata of the society. I can’t tolerate wannabe coolness. We need more genuine people.


Q.6 And lastly, what have you planned for your future ?

  1. I believe in living in the present, am very happy with it. I’m currently working at Dream Theatre Pvt. Ltd and simultaneously freelancing for BHOORA, a brand dealing with organic products. I’m also enjoying my dance classes and trying to learn jazz and contemporary form of style. That’s not all, I’m a blogger as well and very soon, will be launching my own brand. Multi-talented, you see.


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