K.H. Annapoorani

Kidnapping is something that’s generally associated with men. In fact, most crimes are associated with men. It’s easier for us to comprehend and even relate when the perpetrator is male. The traditional mindset in the Indian society makes it difficult for us to comprehend that women are as capable of equally appalling crimes as men.

ArchanaBalmukund Sharma is one such woman from the Indian Underworld. When India released the list of Most Wanted women almost more than a decade ago, her name was on the list. The Lady Don with killer looks, she’s rumored to have been closely involved with BablooSrivatsava, and she took over his gang when he was arrested. She’s responsible for a large number of kidnapping, extortions and even, murder.

Hailing from a middle class family in Uttar Pradesh, India, she obtained her undergraduate degree from Lucknow University before heading to Mumbai to try her luck in films. From there on, her life changed and she got into the Mumbai underworld and became one of the most astute criminal minds. The Pune Police has been looking for her since 1998, due to her alleged involvement in the murder of a city businessman SagarLadkat. It is suspected that she was the mastermind behind Ladkat’s murder. It was this case that brought her to light and ever since, though people have known that she is one woman to watch out for, no one actually knows her whereabouts.

A few years back, in 2010, when she was rumored to be in Nepal. Reports said that she’d gotten caught in a drug trafficking scam and subsequently murdered by the drug traffickers themselves. However, there’s been no official report on whether this is true. Because of this and her many aliases, the world continues to wonder if ArchanaBalmukund Sharma is still one of the queens of Indian underworld.

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