Best known as the father of the Indian constitution, who envisaged about the upliftment of the marginalized people as he himself was one of the victims he very smartly tried to implement it through our constitution but the results are not as he might have expected them to be.

During the making of the constitution the overall situation in our country was bleak, colonizers left the country by dividing it in every possible way, the atrocities faced by the marginalized people were at its peak and this determined Dr. Ambedkar (the draft committee) to incorporate article 15, 16 and 17 as fundamental rights in our constitution, and many more provisions which guarantee equal rights to all, reservations or positive discrimination.

But at the same time provisions were made to scrap the reservation system after 10 years, and the reservation shall not exceed 50%; but after 10 years it turned into a rational for the survival of the governments and subsequently a wild card to win the elections and form governments and this instantly lead to the widening the gulf on the basis of caste.

Dr. Ambedkar himself had settled on the foundations of not allowing any exception on the basis of exceeding the caste system ironically, Tamil Nadu government has 69% reservation this bill was passed in 1994 and quickly positioned in the 9th schedule (where judiciary cannot intervene).

This was certainly done for political gains by both the then Tamil Nadu government and the congress party which had lost in the elections, to knock down the Janta party government Sonia Gandhi made a deal with Jayalalita to withdraw support and to pass the reservation bill as a compensation. This is a simple example of the reservations and the way our politics will be unable to survive without reservations.

The worst consequences of reservations are faced in the education sector where a well deserving student finds his fate in the turmoil of reservations. Positive discrimination is found to the extent that the general category is on its way to be victimized caste in India. Yet the condition of the backward classes has not ultimately developed, the benefits of reservations are enjoyed by the creamy layer of the society prohibiting it from reaching the actual needy people.

In 1950 we had 1208 SC castes and according to 2011 census this number exceeded to 1241. In 1950 we had 664 STs and in 2011 this number soared to 705. OBCs in 1950 were 1257; it must be noted that the constitution makers scrupulously used the word “other socially and educationally backward classes” and not “castes” for OBCs, in 2013 this number was put to 5013. This effectively shows that instead we have more and more castes aspiring to become a part of the SC, ST and OBC community list. The constitution has been amended dozens of time to include the more castes into this list. The recent movement by Patel’s of Gujarat also falls in the same category. This either shows that communities are being further impoverished by government policies or that there is a rush to fall backwards.

Politics is not the only thing responsible for this havoc, we as the people as whole are also responsible, we show our fair share in this aspect during elections while casting vote, a major fundamental right for the functioning of the democracy; the candidate based on their castes and religion are elected without considering their administration skills and this is how the flow continues- we elect candidates on these lines and they get encouraged to campaign on the basis of caste and religion, in the elections of 2014 AAP was the only party which did not campaign on the basis of caste and religion.

On the occasion of the 125th birth anniversary of Dr. Ambedkar the honest tribute will be one such attempt on our part to bring forth the true vision of this outstanding leader, his dream of making India a country which will accept and merge all the religious and caste based divisions.

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