In the wake of the Bangalore mass molestation, when everyone is busy ranting out their hatred and condemning the actions of men, I was thinking about the incidents that had happened before this. We all know that this is not the single most incident. Though it has happened to a large number of women on the eve of New Year in the same place,  have we ever wondered how many number of women are being molested all over India each day?
This Bangalore incident is the most gruesome of all, and it’s being talked about angrily everywhere. Of course, it is. But this is going to be forgotten soon like the acid incidents or the Nirbhaya rape case or many others before that. We talked about it for a week, some for the month and it went from the headlines of a newspaper to the side snippets within a few weeks.

Do we feel bad about it? Yes.
Do we think a change is needed? Yes.
Do we think some action needs to be taken? A big, ‘Yes’.
Are we ready to be the one to stand up and take action? No.

The Bangalore incident will soon be forgotten if another incident like this happens and we will all be like, ‘The Bangalore mass molestations all over again’. But later, we will soon forget it, but not the victims and their families. When the next incident comes, the victims are made to relive what they have experienced. The unhealed wound will be poked and aggravated when they get to know about such reports again. We talk about it for some time and move on, but what about the mass number of victims which keep on growing?

What about the bystanders who want to do something on seeing such a thing, but they just walk away heartlessly because their own selfishness as if they haven’t noticed anything?

Forget about the statistics and percentage figure of women facing molestation daily, because many women silently carry on the burden within them and continue their life normally, even when they experience it, without raising their voice. But do they really feel normal inside?

How many such women experience it but the incident goes unnoticed? If you randomly pick 10 girls from a crowd, I bet that atleast 7 of them would have experienced harassment at some point in their life. What are the odds that the remaining 3 women will be your sister or mother or wife or daughter? And just imagine what are the odds that these men who do this are not your brother, father, husband or son?

Will a woman feel safe under such conditions?

Slowly, fear starts creeping into the minds of women – when they sense a man walking behind her, when a colleague shows some extra care or when a stranger offers her help or an innocent touch by a concerned friend, because all her life, she has either experienced it by herself or has heard someone she knew experience it and to top it all, she is warned by her parents, neighbors, relatives, husband, boyfriend and even strangers to be careful at all times. Thus, she starts to live a life of fear even in broad daylight and doesn’t feel safe throughout her life.

Is this the way we want the women in our society to end up?

This indifference that – “It is not affecting us. Why should we bother?” is going to cost each and every woman we know in our life, to lose her freedom, narrow her mind and change her whole outlook towards the male race.

I don’t want to end it with an advice to all men or to the society. Even after knowing the odds of the devilish nature inside some men and the danger for the women in his life, if a man doesn’t help a girl in such conditions or stop his friend in doing such a thing, then the devil is not only inside the other man, he has become one too.