“How many siblings do you have?” they asked.

“I am an only child.” She said

“Damn! You must be one spoilt brat.”

These are some of the misconceptions that everyone has about an only child. Being an only child in a family gives you the life like a superstar with all the limelight focused on you. But, there are certain qualities which, if inculcated in a right way, make them one of the best souls with abundance of positive vibes. It is totally a false idea that a brother- or sister-free child gets spoiled and is bossy at all times. Trust me, if I had a dollar for every time people gazed at me weirdly and passed comments which stated that I must be a spoilt brat, I would be millionaire by now. You people need to understand that appearances can be deceptive and not all the time your assumptions are coming true. So here are some of the lame stereotypical ideas that people have about onlies. And, if anyone of you still believe in these things, you need to get a life. This time seriously!

  • First of all, people think they are spoiled! Do you all need a research paper to prove that it is not true? Not every child brought up without sibling is a spoilt brat. They have gathered maximum attention throughout their life, and they just face a little difficulty in coping up with scarcity of the same. They are habituated of accumulating the care and concern of every family member and they expect at least 30% of that from their friends and partner. Can’t we take the responsibility to understand their needs and make small efforts as a well wisher to provide them the good feel?
  • It is believed that they do not make good friends. Let me tell you the truth! They can be the best friends you can ever have because they know the value of relationships. They have seen the mushrooming of bonds very closely and they know how important it is to take care of the near and dear ones. They know every little trick to make someone happy and capture the hearts of people within short span of time. They are talented enough to help others at any circumstances and are also fully fledged with kindness.
  • Another miserable statement heard about onlies, is that they become aggressive with age and have a rude tone. Whereas, according to a survey, the kids who have siblings tend to become more aggressive because of the arguments they have with their brother or sister. I apologize, this is not to criticize anybody, but think wisely before you judge someone without knowing the truth.
  • Selfish? Or possessive would be a more precise term to describe their behavior, right? They are just used to receive the maximum limelight and it makes them a bit conscious when people are not concentrating on them for a long time. They are not possessive for their materials. You never know, that sometimes they miss all the silly fights that others have with their siblings. They may be wishing to have someone in their life to share things with. And even before realizing the brighter side, we make absurd judgments against them.
  • They are not self centered, instead they are trying to have maximum people around them to create a positive ambience and create the best of memories for everyone. And, trust me on this, the onlies are power packed with positive vibes and one can learn a lot of skills from them, only if they looked at the things positively.
  • The rudest of all, which I can debunk pretty easily, is that they are way too dependent on their parents. I mean are you living under rocks or what? The kids who have no siblings are actually very responsible and they know the art of taking care of themselves when they fall into an unfavorable situation. In fact, they are good at taking stand against all the odds that they face, because they realize it too early that at the end of the day it is only you to who has to be strong and nobody will take charge of that on your behalf.
  • They are loud and bossy! This is another stupid thought that I came across while asking people about their experiences. But, the fact is, they have easily received a chance to put forward their ideas and they are strong followers of freedom of speech. That does not make them loud or bossy in any way. But, if you try to shut their mouth by showing a devil-may-care attitude, they will obviously try the best they can to keep their points and explain their thoughts. And, this will convey their message to you in a negative form. So it is better to involve them equally in a conversation without showing distrust towards their ideas.
  • And last but not the least, people think that everything in their life is as smooth as butter and they are too lazy to work hard. Let me remind you Franklin D Roosevelt, Condoleezza Rice, Chelsea Clinton, and many more like them were onlies and they have worked enough to achieve that position in their life to get their names highlighted. People without siblings become creative and they know the tricks to do something productive in leisure. They find amazing ways to spend time alone and that does not make them less efficient from others in any way. They are also well versed with the struggles of life, and they understand the value of everything that they are blessed with.

I hope the above mentioned points explain the thoughts of how it feels like being an only child and I am sure many of you will start looking at things with a better perspective. This is just a small effort to wake up those people who have limited amount of thinking capability and fail to understand the normality behind the life of a child who does not have siblings. Believe me people, they are not aliens, and they do not receive any kind of special treatments from their family. They are just different in few aspects because they receive undistributed attention.




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