Finally I have realised the need to share my perspectives on the difference between ‘Being in Love & in Relationship’.

I owe a lot to the person who taught me the necessity to face the real facets of life.

Love can be two ways:
1.) in a relationship or
2.) without a relation

Being in a Relationship doesn’t necessarily meant one is Love because everything is controlled by the heart. Just being in a formal or official relationship doesn’t mean one’s Being loved by the person whom one tie their bondage. I don’t meant that one’s not being loved by the person whom they chose to stay with.

On the other hand, just being without a relationship doesn’t meant not being in Love. One doesn’t necessarily have to be in that formal kind of relationship to be in Love. Even without formal relationship one can be in Love if it is connected on the heart.

Love doesn’t necessarily have to be shown it all needs is prove. One example from what I’ve found, Relationships get broken and sink after few gaps without any contact but Love doesn’t necessarily get reduced by gaps, time and space. Because the so called notion of Love is all about Understanding and adjusting with the circumstances.

A part from my experiences on life all I came to conclude was that “Life perhaps doesn’t give what to own but what to have”. So, live the life, experienced it and learn how to adjust with the circumstances.