Bitter or Better ?

Bitter or Better? He asks her. “Bitter”, she giggles.

“Oh you little Miss Pessimism” He says Smiling, “You have to believe in something good. It has to be better.”

“Let’s try once again” He says. “My god! You really know how to bug people” She says rolling her eyes. “Good that you know me now” He says. “So bitter or better?”

“Bitter” She says firmly. “You are Impossible” He gasps. “Hahaha… I know I am impossible” She chuckles.  He gives a big smile again.

“Bitter or Better?” He goes again. “Aren’t you tired?” She asks. “Not until you say it” He replies.

“Bitter” She replies bluntly. “Let’s try one more time” he is still smiling. “Man! You have got patience “She says.

“Bitter or Better?” He asks again. “Bitter”, she replies. He reaches over the table and catches her hand. “Look at me” he says, She raises her head to see him.

He looked serious with the desperation to prove his point. “It’s better Okay… It has to be better” he was saying. He was trying hard to sound convincing.

Something happened inside her– Like the whole concept of global warming started to make sense. Arctic region was indeed melting down.

She runs out of words but still manages to nod in approval.

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