Bomb Blast


Like everyday you travel,
Like everyday you get up and pray for safe day.
I did the same.

Catching the bus,
I hurried to catch the train.

This was every day’s work,
That got you bucks.

I could see culturally diverse group,
I could hear diverse languages.

There were smoothing droplets of rain that gave out romantic feeling.
Couples whispering something in each others ears,
Children’s enjoying the window seat,
While youths partying with beers.

There was smile on my lips when train started,
As the wind blew my hairs behind,
My lips parted.

Then there was a big loud noise, that shook the whole train.
I could see the smoke coming out,
That choke my brain.

I got down the train and saw the horror!
Live body’s buried in death.
I saw it all with my eyes,
And I knew my eyes never lies.

Bodies every where thrown by immense force,
Body parts lying there craving to be whole again.

I ran from the sight,
Wondering to be thankful for not being a part of the bodies there.
Has guilt crept within as I was alive within the dead…

This memories are still fresh within,
I saw the part of horror of the world built in.