A hero is the one who is admired for his qualities and great acts, according to the definition of the word. A hero is someone who is brave enough to put himself between the danger and the people. A hero is main character of the stories we hear, watch and read.

But are all the heroes brave?

When asked who is brave? What is bravery? Everyone has a different response. Everyone. So maybe it depends on the circumstances of someone’s life, everyone wants a different hero. Someone who can save them from their own fear, who can protect them from their own decisions gone wrong. And sometimes, we are so desperately looking for a hero that we don’t remember we can save ourselves better. We forget it isn’t his obligation to save us, it’s our own.

Brave. Feeling no fear. A hero, who shows bravery. Everyone is a hero, you don’t have to save a thousand lives to become hero, sometimes, one is just enough to remind you that you are a hero. And sometimes that life is your own. It takes just a moment, to be brave, to forget your fears and what society says, it takes one move of courage, and your life will never be same as before.

So if you have problems and you just want some hero to come and save you, you want something magical to happen and turn everything around, you have to stop looking for it. Make your own magic, not everyone is lucky enough to get a wand. Not everyone can build an armour, or heal every time they get hurt, sometimes you fight with a broken leg and a bleeding arm. And be your own hero.

Be brave.