Hey! do you remember,

      Those were the days when you made promises to say your love to me,

But today you proved that they were just words and the promises you made were just fake.


     That was the time when you said that it is happy to be with me,

But today you said, that time was lost and you asked me to consider it as a bad time.


     That was you who said I am your entire world,

But today you proved that world keeps on changing and thus my place in your life.


    That was you who said you will not get attracted to any,

But today you remained as a change who easily gets attracted to other porsh people.


     That was you who made me feel very happy with you,

   But today it is still you who make me cry, where I really lost myself.



That was you who entered into my life,

But today it is you saying you has done wrong by coming and being in my life.


    It’s okay! I don’t want to force you to be in my life but I have a question

When you are not interested at all then why did you come in to my life,?

If you wont like my attire it is not my fault, because I was same from first you met me,?

If you have some other in your life then why did you come near me,?

If you really love me, how could you even get a thought of leaving me,?

How could you forget me that easily,?

Why didn’t you be constant in my love,?

Once you love someone how could you just give up on them????


              Friends I would like to say only one thing love a person only when you can be honest to them, and please stop playing with  the lives also do remember the other one is a human being too, stop hurting them who love you sincerely.


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