We want everything.

Some want a good job, some want good lifestyle, some want family, some want to touch the sky, some want to be an actor/actress, some want to be political leader and so on because this is list never going to be end.

From a 1 year kid to 100 year old everyone wants something. The desire of being a superior is rooted inside us.

But who is going to get all this? The answer is you. But not everything you desire you are going to get. The desire that comes from your spirit, the desire which is more than any want, dream or wish. You should feel as if your higher self is strongly compelling you towards it. And you can to do every possible thing to get this. This is a burning desire.

I read somewhere that everything is about willingness. Willingness to start, willingness to hold on, willingness to rise again and willingness to never give up. This is what should motivate you and make you stand on the verge of accepting that challenge. Wake up every morning with a new goal or to achieve that previous one with more effort. One should always rely on what he/she has and they should only desire to attain only those things by which they feel challenged, or when it appeals to their higher self.

Once our higher self start compelling us towards that thing from that very moment we see the fire inside us. The fire of achieving it as soon as possible. We see two type of power or strength around us one we can say positive one, which help us to fulfill our desire by positive means only. The goal is only to achieve but without making harm to others. The other, negative one. This includes achieving your goal with hook or crook. And this is not the acceptable way to do because the result in the end will be in your favor. Don’t make your ‘self’ so important that you start achieving things by pointing your gun on others shoulders, and remember you always going to get same in return.

The fire should be there but not at the sake of others.

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