Many of us are fans of Disney thus we tend to brush off some of the issues that Disney has been lead to since generations.

Recycle Animation’s is used in most of the Disney movies where scenes are repainted and added just to utilize the available footage and has no authentic need for it to be there.  The movies like sleeping beauty (1959) and beauty and the beast (1991) are some of the examples of recycled animation.

Nudity, sexual gestures and flashing is seen in this sketch. The larger question is what the children from such a small age group should learn from it. The banner of the lion king and tangled were highly problematic. Dragon ball was the most perverted cartoon.

Racism doesn’t exist in cartoons. In the story Aladdin, he is portrayed to become fair as he becomes rich.  Most of the movies create this ideology of bad been dark skinned.  All the bad is portrayed in dark imagery with solid dark colours.

The linguistic process is highly manipulated. Donald duck who is fair is given this opportunity to get away with anything and everything he says.

Women are merchandised in objects and not humans.  They are shown to be comely, delicate and kind. They are draped in a way to portray their feminity and are shown to work and do household chores.  On the contrary, men are depicted as strong and macho and hard workers in the world outside their house.

Romance is highly altered. Kissing a stranger sleeping in the jungle and marry her, staying with seven strangers in a house, loving animalistic character man who is a beast and waiting for the prince to come in shining Armor to save the damsel in distress is absolute nonsense.

We cease to consider the psychological disorder of people portrayed where women talk to themselves or animals, they live in their fantasy land and live a depressed life full of illusions.

If a female is princess she is proficient, but if she tries to become a queen, she is greedy for power and money is the false ideology represented such cartoons.

Ultimately, she must be kind, true of heart, though people around her are cruel. Fortunately, ideas have been changed. Stories like Brave or even Frozen is 0.3 percent of change for now.