Chanakya Neeti-Shastra


About 2300 years ago , the Greek conqueror Alexander the Great invaded the Indian subcontinent. His offensive upon the land’s of patchwork of small Hindu empires proved to be highly successful due to the disunity of the petty rulers.
It was Chanakya Pandit who , feeling deeply distressed at heart, searched for and discovered a qualified leader in the person of Chandragupta Maurya.

Under the guidance and Prime ministership of “Acharya” Chanakya , Chandragupta Maurya conquered all lands up to Iran in the North west and down to the extremities of Karnataka or Mysore state in the South thus forming the greatest Indian Empire ever before seen in history – The Mauryan Empire.

Two books are attributed to Chanakya: Arthashastra and Chanakya Neeti (also known as Neetishastra).
The Arthashastra discusses monetary and fiscal policies,international relations, war strategies and also outlines the duties of a ruler.

Chanakya Neeti is a treatise on the ideal way of life, and shows Chanakya’s deep study of the Indian way of life. Chanakya also developed Neeti-Sutras (aphorisms) that tell people how they should behave.

The following article contains 7 handpicked verses from the Chanakya Neeti to inspire us and remind us of our abilities and inner strengths.


1) Importance of determination

“Yaddooram Yadduraaraaddhyam Yachcha Doore
Tattsarva Tapasaa Saaddhyam Tapo hi

Even if the destination or the desired object be
far away or difficult to achieve one can reach it or
get it if one is determined. Nothing is impossible
for a determined person.

2) Don’t speak ill of others

Yaddeechchasi Vasheekartu Jagadeken
Paraapavaadashaastreebhyo Gaam Charanteem
Nivaarya. 35

If you want to overpower the entire world
merely by just one action, then put restraint upon
your tongue speaking ill of others.


3) Be active and flexible to change

“Anaagat vidhaataa Cha Prattutpannamatistathaa
Dvaavetau Sukhameveta Yaddbhavishyo
He who is aware of the future troubles and who
possesses sharp intelligence remains happy. In
contradiction to this stage, he who remains
inactive, waiting for the good days to come
destroys his own life.


4) Live in the moment

“Gatam Shoko na Kartavya Bhavishyam Naiv
Vartamaanen Kaalen Pravartante Vishakshanaah”

One should not grieve for the past and worry for
the future. The wise care for the present and
chart their life’s course accordingly.

5) Accumulate knowledge, goodwill
& wealth slowly & steadily
“Jalvindunipaaten Kramashah Pooryate Ghatah
Sahetu Sarvaviddyaanaam Dhardasya Cha
Dhanasya Cha.”

A mere trickle of the tiny drops of water can fill
the pitcher. The same way we must keep on
collecting knowledge, Dharma, and money.


6) Don’t publicise before achieving
Manasaa Chintitam Kaaryam Vachsaa Na
Mantrem Rakhned goodham Kaaryam Chaapi

One should never leak out one’s well thought out
intentions, determinations and they should be
jealously guarded like some secret Mantra. The
implementation of them should also be achieved
without any fan fare and in total secrecy (to
ensure their successful accomplishment.


7) The greatest and the best
Shaantitullyam Tapo Naasti Na
Na Trishnayaaparo Vyaadhirnacha Dharmo

No penance is greater than the one done for
maintaining peace, no peace is better than the
one received from satisfaction, no disease as
more damaging than greed and no Dharma is
better than the one having compassion for all.


May these inspiring words hold the power to transform our lives and thoughts.


Source: Amey Hedge – “Inspire to reach higher : Chanakya Neeti”