Kolkata experienced a major doom when a flyover under construction for years came  crashing down in a crowded commercial area near Posta, Burrabazar on Thursday, March 29. More than 80 people were injured, 27 dead and countless people were trapped under the debris of the broken bridge.

The moment this ‘fortunate’ mishap occurred, the political blame game found its way directly into the vulnerable mob. The honour of West Bengal, well known kin of the Banerjee clan like always, aimed at the Left Front Government (former ruling party of the state), claiming that the construction started during their ruling period, whereas, the previous state government headed by the CPI(M), alleged that the portion of the bridge that collapsed was built during the current government’s tenure. Now, being the head of the state, was it ethical to blame others instead of giving a starting jerk to the rescue operation!

Even if the construction of the bridge started under the previous government’s rule, why was the present government not keeping any a track on how the construction work is being progressed after they came into power?

It was believed too, that the Army was not allowed to carry out the rescue operation because the state police wanted to perform all the acts themselves. Later, their failure compelled them to ask the Army finally for the aid. Was it necessary even for the state police to take this as an adventurous stunt and TRY to rescue the victims instead of letting the Army do it in the first place, knowing that they are professionals in situations like these! The mystery behind their logic is still the enigma of the year. Now comes the most astonishing fact. The Chief Minister offered a compensation of Rs 5 lakhs to families of the victims; Rs 2 lakhs to those who are majorly injured and Rs 1 lakh for those with minor injuries.

We salute the Government for aiding the injured but at the same time the question arises, “is the life of a person worth just Rs 5 lakhs?”

Is giving this amount of money compensate for the person who is no more! Giving lakhs of rupees to a dead person’s family will never reduce the pain and the emotions that are there in the hearts of the family members! It only boosts the stereotypic image of how insensitive the person giving the money is. When the same Government was ignorant enough not to learn a lesson from the collapse of the Ultadanga bridge just 3 years back, then how can they so firmly blame the other parties for this! Families living near the collapsed bridge were asked to shift to somewhere else until the work of removing the debris is over. This was the only rescue measure implemented. And they are proud of it!(Cheers!)

Talking about how the Government has been throughout, let me clarify to the readers, that our respected leaders strongly claim that “safety for girls is of utmost importance to them!” So true! That’s why a minister of the Trinamool Congress allegedly commented in one of the meetings that he will send boys to the houses of the leaders of the opposition party to rape their mother, daughter, wife and sister. Is this what they define respect for girls! A young girl of Kamduni (a village of West Bengal), who was raped and brutally killed got a sumptuous amount of money as consolation and compensation for her death by the ruling Government. Think once, if they really cared for the innocent girl, wouldn’t they be fighting for her to get justice and the accused to be punished?? Does that amount really give her justice? It was the Central Government who then lends a helping hand to the girl’s family to fight her case. (Thanks to them!)

The land at Nandigram, Singur (another village of West Bengal) could have been turned into such a huge industrial project by the Tatas but political controversies did not allow such progress to happen and you know the result? The land cannot be put to any use now. Lakhs of people who dreamt of getting a job are still unemployed! What loss did the Government face? Nothing!!! only the dreams of the poor shattered.

Such is the scenario of the State Government, talking about the sports ministry now, a minister who has been charged and known by numerous criminal records, his place is still left empty and nobody has taken over his place even after he has been sent to jail. Each and every day a corruption is taking place and what the Government thinks, is about ‘they’ and ‘themselves’.

Three rims of pages would even fall short if we start discussing the Government! Kudos to you ma’am for being so strong to form a Government and rule the state. We salute you! But a humble request, its a democracy, although not a successful one, but of the people, for the people and by the people! Save us! Save West Bengal!

N.B.-This article is based solely on the opinion of the writer and not intended to hurt any political sentiments.

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