Eating chocolate makes your brain work better. Is this really true? Let us delve deep into the matter to know more of it!

Chocolate is made from the fermented, roasted and finely grained seeds of Theobroma cacao tree. Chocolate eating is the most epicurean pursuit providing an individual pleasure and driving away his pain. According to a study, conducted by researchers at the University of Maine has found that chocolate intake has a very positive effect on a person’s cognitive performance. The research team studied 968 participants and claims that chocolate has been used since ancient times to treat many health complaints and also found a significant relationship between chocolate consumption and enhanced brain functioning.

Chocolate possesses compounds similar to those found in ecstasy, morphine and marijuana which is  enough to make it a wonder drug. The amount of pleasure inducing and stimulating chemical compounds found in chocolate are relatively small. Our brains have become accustomed to the effects of drugs obtained from the regular consumption of energy drinks, coffee, cigarettes and of course chocolates that release pleasure inducing chemicals. The compounds found in chocolate may be too minute for some of us to get a chocolate happy high yet the beloved food can still affect our happiness.

As mentioned by Charles M. Schulz, “All you need is love. But a little chocolate now and then doesn’t hurt.” The whole world loves chocolate not just because of the way it tastes but because of the way it makes everyone feel. It is an astonishing fact that such a downright delicious food is also good for us and our brain. The most interesting fact is that the dark chocolate that contains phenylethylamine, a compound called the “love drug” creates a brain buzz. The dark chocolate places itself at the top of any brain food list dark and the consumption of which makes one happy, improves blood flow to the brain and also protect it against free radical damage. It improves learning, memory and focus, relieves stress, help control food cravings and also make an individual smarter. Dark chocolate consumption can also protect our brain for lifetime and boosts concentration. Chocolate enhances one’s happiness and reduces headache and is really good for boosting one’s mood.

This eternal lust for chocolate makes the chocolate lovers go gaga over it !

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