Cloud technology is a type of Internet-based technology or computing that provides shared computer processing resources and data to computers and other devices on demand.
Cloud computing signifies a major change in how we store information and run applications. Instead of running programs and data on an individual desktop computer, everything is hosted in the cloud or over the internet
Cloud computing lets you access all your applications and documents from anywhere in the world and making it easier for group of members in different locations to collaborate and work together from different location.
The software programs you use aren’t run from your PC, but are rather stored on servers accessed via the Internet.
The documents you create are stored on a collection of servers accessed via the Internet. Anyone with permission can not only access the documents, but can also edit and collaborate on those documents in real time.
Service models-
Software as a Service (SaaS).
This service model provides the user with virtual platform to use different software virtually over the internet and pay for what you use as per the usage hours of the services. This service model allows the user not to install any software on their computer and use services freely without any installation.
Platform as a Service (PaaS).
This service model provides the platform for different user or developers to develop any software virtually by using platform of service provider of PaaS , using this service the developer can develop different software from different locations . for eg. Microsoft provides the developer to develop their apps on the platform and google also provides the same platform.
Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS).
This service model helps in using infrastructure virtually like servers, ram, etc. without using them physically. This model helps to take infrastructure as per the user needs i.e. if user needs more resources they can take or if they need less they can remove them without any difficulty and payment for resource usage as per the time and how much resources used is to be given to service provider.
Deployment models
Models of cloud computing or in simple terms we can say basic types of cloud.
Private cloud
Public cloud
Hybrid cloud
Private cloud:
Private cloud is that type of cloud which relates to single organization usage and can’t be used by outside world. In private cloud access to internal organization is allowed and it’s developed for the internal use of the organization only or within the usage of an organization.
Public cloud:
Public cloud is developed for the usage of the public over the internet and which can be used by any user without any restrictions. Public cloud is developed to provide multiple services to open users over the internet without any payment and restriction and this cloud is free to use by anyone.
Hybrid cloud:
Hybrid cloud is developed to get the functionalities of both clouds i.e. public and private cloud and it’s designed by deploying the services of both private and public cloud, and hybrid cloud is developed for an particular community where different user uses the services and all users are not allowed to access all the services and for this hybrid cloud is developed to provide services to all users of an community as per there access level i.e. some can use private cloud services and some can only use public cloud services in a hybrid cloud.


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