In a quiet evening

When the wind was blowing silently

And the crickets were whispering to each other,

A feather came flying from somewhere

And kissed my feet,

I bent down to pick it up,

But with the little push of the silent breeze,

It started to fly again.

Like a kid I followed it to get it.

I didn’t know where it was taking me.

And then…

I landed on a terrace of an old building.

The building seemed to be very well acquainted to me.

I looked around,

The terrace was deserted.

With only a few broken tables-chairs and a broken roof.

The broken tables-chairs and the roof seemed that

They were trying to say something to me.


I realized.

That this terrace was once

Full of loud laughter,

Cute giggles,

Non-stop talking,

Endless discussions,

Beautiful dance practices,

Melodious singing,

Awesome plays,

And what not….

But today,

The same happening and once crowded place

Was standing alone

And crying.


I remember,

When we all sat on those chairs for our assignments

And shouted, “Dada….chai…”

And Dada got perplexed where to go and where not.

I even remember those ques in the lunch

And our TV watching times.

But today

After 15 years,

The stained walls remain empty without TV,

The once occupied chairs and tables

for which we fought and struggled remains empty.

The once college canteen stands all deserted,



And crying

For all its gone-by beautiful memories

And beautiful hustle-bustles

which kept it chirping and lively.

Today it’s silent cry

Made my eyes wet

And my heart filled with flashes of our good old days.