More then one-sixth of Indian ‘s population, About 160 million peoples, live a precarious existence, shunned by many because of their rank as “Untouchables” or Dalits – literally meaning “Broken peoples” – at the bottom of Indian’s caste system .

A famous open written by F.M Shinde tells about the pain and suffering in lives of Dalits. It also tells about habit that develops when you used to one thing………………

“””Once you are used to it
You never afterwards.
Feel anything; 
Your blood nevermore
Nor flows
for wet mud has been slapped all
Over your bones.
Once you are used to it
even the sorrow
that visits you
sometimes, in dreams
melts away, embarrassed.
Habit isn’t used to break out
In feeling “””

After reading it I feel cry for them…….. Its the  time to change our thinking… They are the peoples like all others…. Take their hand and let them walk on the world of happiness and beauty. …..