It is so said that where there is positivity there has to be some negativity too, where there is God, there has to be Devil too, similarly where there is good there has to be evil too. This amount of evilness, can be further categorised to three categories; slightly evil, evil, dangerously evil.

While the first and second categories belong to those cases where any other may/ may not be harmed, but evilness enters in one, due to agony or lack of something, the third category specifically belongs to them who are psychologically disturbed and can go to the verge of taking countless lives. So, here I bring you the story of a dangerously evil, mentally unstable criminal, who took aimlessly more than 25 lives, Darbara Singh.

The story of a native of Jallupur Khera of Amritsar district, Darbara Singh joined the Indian armed forces worked in the air force station at Pathankot. In the year 1975, he lobbed a hand grenade at his senior’s house, Major V.K. Mehta. As a result, Major VK Mehta’s wife and son suffered severe injuries. As a result, he was arrested. This is the initial beginning of the story and his wife had already expelled him from his house because of his bad habits.

In the year 1996, he was accused of sexually assaulting a migrant labourer and also for attempt of murder. Later in 1997, he gets convicted for raping thrice and one attempt to murder. He was then sentenced thirty years of imprisonment. But again, he gets released due to his conduct on December,2003. It is then, when this man got to his most violent form ever.

Darbara Singh believed that many years of his life were wasted, so he decided to take revenge against the migrants. He after being released, started working in a factory in Jalandhar. It was then when he decided to take revenge against all migrants by targeting their children.

He used to lure his targets by offering them sweets, chocolates, samosa, juice and crackers, then he used to kidnap them and then took them to a secluded place and finally attacked them. He did not let the bodies rest in peace even after their death. He would rape the dead bodies. He preferably performed his actions between 10:00 a.m and 12:30 p.m.

On being arrested he said that, he used to celebrate by drinking after killing his victims. In a short duration of seven months, he killed about 15 girls and 2 boys, most of them being Non Punjabi of ages between 3 and 13. He also confessed that he had once by mistake killed a Punjabi girl and her death had shaken him.

After these murders, he was finally arrested. He admitted the murders and finally was sentenced to death on 2007, but later it was reduced to life imprisonment. He has been one of the most dangerous, heartless, ill minded criminal in the Indian history, whose actions became God knows how many people’s nightmare.


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